Auto Dealership Warranty Parts Reimbursement

Auto Dealership Warranty Parts Reimbursement

Delivering The Best Since 1997

We know the importance of providing clients with the support they need at the right time. We pride ourselves on being the industry-leading auto dealership warranty parts reimbursement experts. We offer a smooth, hassle free process that increases profits.

Effective Auto Dealership Reimbursement

Today’s vehicles are complex and require highly trained technicians to diagnose and repair them. Technicians with the skills and training are increasing hard to find and are not cheap to hire. To afford these highly skilled technicians, dealers need to collect every penny available.

Wooden Automotive Consultants can help.

We have been working with clients since 1997 to provide our dealership increased warranty rates and consider ourselves industry leaders. You can trust our team to get the best rates possible.

Dealership Warranty Reimbursement Process

Analysis: We analyze invoice data to find the repair orders yielding the highest rates available. 

Audit: Our experienced audit staff will review, document and account all the required documents. An average submission requires 2 – 3000 invoices. Some projects have required over 9,000 invoices representing more than 20,000 pages of documents!

Review: a final review by our team and a dealership manager.

Submission: We submit the request on behalf of our clients.


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