Warranty Labor Rates

We Increase Your Dealer Profits By Providing The Highest Possible Warranty Rates

Would you like to get the most profit when performing warranty repairs? Give Wooden Automotive Consultants a Call ! 

Pioneers in the industry, we have been helping dealerships increase warranty rates since 1997. Our strategic and proven method enables us to get the highest rates possible in the least amount of time.

A Brief History

Prior to the 1990’s, franchised automotive dealers received a 30 % mark up on parts used in warranty repairs. In the early 90’s, dealer councils began pushing for higher mark-ups due to the increasing operating costs, with much of the additional expense being imposed upon them by the manufacturers. After successfully negotiating a higher mark-up, dealers were upset when manufacturers began changing their warranty policies to chip away at the accomplishment. Artificially lowering dealer cost on recall parts, requiring “no charge” exchanges or paying flat fees on expensive parts, left dealers feeling the factory was their advisory and not their partner.


Fed up with the factory’s games, Liberty Lincoln Mercury filed a successful class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company in 1993 citing the states “retail reimbursement” statute.

As word of Liberty’s victory began to quietly spread among the industry, dealers across the country began to research their state’s franchised warranty laws only to find that most were either too vague to be of use or all together non-existent
Dealers pressed state legislators and their automotive professional associations to amend the laws allowing dealers to collect the same rates as they charged a retail customer.

Today, 49 states have retail rate laws, and more dealers are waking up to the positive financial impact of exercising their rights under these statutes.

Who, How, and When


Annual Review: Reviewing your warranty rates annually is recommended as most dealers will adjust their retail rates throughout the year to keep up with rising costs and inflation.

Buy/Sell: If a dealership is sold, the manufacturer will remove previous enhanced rates for the new owners requiring a new submission for retail rates.


Manager: Most managers are already overwhelmed with their daily duties. Adding another task to their list distracts them from their critical mission. 

Third party: Hiring a specialist is a smart idea but it’s important to choose a partner with automotive dealership experience AND years of proven success.


Analysis:Careful, thorough analysis of your dealership’s invoice data is critical to achieving the highest rates available. Some vendors use outdated reporting to “analyze” your rate increase which leads to inflated expectations and disappointing results.

Our proven method looks deeper, providing our clients accurate forecasts and maximum results.

David versus Goliath

Submitting a rate increase can be complicated and the manufacturers have huge legal resources focused on shutting down dealers.

Do you have intimate knowledge of your state’s law and the manufacturer’s protocols?

Even a small mistake can halt your submission and equals money lost.
The experts at Wooden Automotive Consultants have a keen understanding of the laws and insider knowledge of how manufacturers handle submissions. We have helped hundreds of dealers with our easy-to-navigate process that ensures compliance in every respect.

Optimization of Warranty Labor Rates Data and Analytics

Wooden Automotive Consultants have the expertise and know-how to ensure that your warranty labor rate increase submission is a success. With more than 30 years experience successfully managing and growing service departments, we guide our clients to higher levels.  Our experienced staff analyze invoice data, using our proprietary process, to find the invoices that yield the best rates. Hence, you get more out of it with every penny spent.


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